Nearly 20,000 members strong – here are what a few of our ODB++ Solutions Alliance members have to say about ODB++

Through the use of ODB++ our DFA review cycle has been reduced by 50% allowing us to respond quickly to layout reviews and be able to identify and address early in the design where we have the largest impact.”

- Brian Morrison, Value Engineering Manager, SMTC

I’ve used Valor DFM Technology (and nowODB++ ) for almost 20 years, and wouldn’t use anything else. It has proven its quality for years now.”

- Maarten Tettero, DFM/DFA Consulting Engineer

“Valor DFM Technology guarantees that we are always able to deliver designs without errors or DFx issues – the first time. ODB++ data format also facilitates smooth data transfer between design and manufacturing.”

- Yanfeng Yu, Hardware Engineer, ZTE Corporation

“Using ODB++ data format has greatly helped our manufacturing process. As a PCB Designer, I always use Valor DFM to check the BOM, part (VPL), and if the parts match the footprint layout. Checking with Valor DFM reduces the risk of change-request from fabrication Supplier and Manufacturing. Using Valor DFM produces better quality PCBs.”

- Fone Keet Chow, PCB designer, Plexus Corp

“By using ODB++, we have removed time consuming programming of PnP machines, and removed steps where human errors can be introduced. We have all the documentation here in one package, so problems with revision mismatches are minimized.”

- Jonas Wihlbeck, Senior Product Developer, Optronic Partner

“The intelligence embedded in ODB++ provides quicker setup and analysis of our designs, and truly makes concurrent DFM analysis a possibility throughout the PCD layout process.”

- Randy Holt, PCB designer

“It is much easier to input database with ODB++. The documents’ size is smaller than Gerber.”

- Adam Li, DFM Engineer

“Designer time is reduced when generating output, compared to the older gerber generation andQC procedure. Additionally, manufacturing input into downstream processes is streamlined, and manufacturing’s input QA processes are enhanced and more reliable.”

- Dan Baumgartner, Design Manager

“ODB++ is a good standard to share and analyze PCB data.”

- Juan Ortiz, Hardware Engineer

“ODB++ and Valor FDM are essential tools for a modern lean development process.”

- Mats Bjorkman, Design Engineer, BitSim AB(SB)

“It’s the most accurate format I have seen in my 20+ years in this business.”

- Louis Oliveira, Streamline Circuits